21 Day Introduction to Meditation Course

Learn the benefits of having a Meditation Practice, as well as, the techniques and skills to add this ancient healing practice to your daily life.

"The highest spiritual practice one can do is self observation, without criticism." 


What are the benefits of meditation?
Peace of mind, focus of mind, stillness of mind... Meditation creates a chemical in your body called serotonin. During meditation serotonin levels increase, and the serotonin is what keeps your neurotransmitters in balance in the brain which creates the sense of peace of mind. Your heart rate slows, blood pressure drops and one experiences a sense of peace and tranquility: the exact opposite of stress. Stress cannot live in a peaceful environment. You will be more healthful, you will gain insight to the challenges in your life as well as solutions, not because you were searching for them but because you let go of them. It all happens in the letting go.

Meditation is like love: until you have experienced it, you have no idea what it is. People have written about love, made movies about love, written poetry, and plays about love. But until you experience it personally, you really have no clue what it is. All the different forms of meditation are doorways to take you to meditation, they are not meditation. Meditation is indescribable, words don't do it justice. Once you have experienced it, you will know that it is just like love.

Can someone help one learn meditation?
Yes. Just as if you are going on a hike in a place you have never been, you may bring a guide with you to help you get where you are going. It is the same on the spiritual path - it is good to have a teacher or a guide to help assist you in finding your way on the path of meditation. With this teacher's help, you can get there faster and easier and more efficiently.

Does one have to practice meditation in order to experience meditation?
Yes. Practice makes permanent, not perfect. Meditation is spiritual food for your soul, and just as you eat three meals a day to feel your physical body, meditation will feed your spiritual body.

Every day, you go to the same room, sit on the same meditation cushion, the same time of day, with your breath and the same music playing, and yet each time you do the meditation, your experience is totally different from the one before. This is because the meditation alters your consciousness, changes and expands your consciousness, it is as if you sit on your porch and see the view from your porch, which might be a park with a tree. All you can see from this vantage point is this little park with a tree. If you were to sit on the roof of your house, you could see the same park and the same tree that you could see from sitting on the porch, and you will also be able to see the house next to you and its roof on either side of your house. You'll also be able to see the tops of the trees perhaps. And more of the sky and clouds than from the porch. And yet, if you were in hang glider above your house, you'd have a whole different vantage point, and from here you'd be able to see the park and the tree, the houses on either side of you as well as most of the neighborhood and the other houses surrounding the park. And a real close view of the raven and the hawk flying by. And if you were in a plane you could see your town and a much larger view of this part of the world you live in. If you had binoculars from the plane, you could still see the park and the tree. So you can see how your state of consciousness parallels placing yourself where you can experience different vantage points. Being in the state of meditation, your breath will take you beyond your physical body, beyond your mental body, and beyond your emotional body where you will access your spiritual essence, nature, and being. It is as if you were sitting on the porch looking across the street and the next moment you have the view of looking out the plane and seeing everything. Each time one practices meditation, the faster, easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling your meditation becomes until the point where meditation becomes like food and you miss it if you don't get it. After experiencing this discipline and having a meditation practice, one's life will become a meditation in which you will have the ability to stay present in the "here and now." You will be able to have all the benefits of meditation and experience this level of consciousness as you live all the moments in your life.

In the driest whitest stretch of pain’s infinite desert I lost my sanity and found this rose.

Serotonin is what keeps your neurotransmitters in balance in the brain which creates the sense of peace of mind... Stress cannot live in a peaceful environment.

The only difference between meditation and medication is a 'c' and a 't'.

“Mordecai David Naseck is one of those truly rare individuals who not only understands the nature of energy and spirit ~ he lives fully driven by that awareness. Not only does Mordechai David have a tremendous gift as a healer but he remains ever committed to deepening his knowledge, his talent, and his personal path of growth. Mordechai David can do more than teach you about ‘thinking outside the box,’ his incredible depth of experience and passion for his work will help you to create boundless vitality and meaning in a life outside the box. There is no question, Mordechai David’s work can take you places you have never been before!”
~ Jonathan H. Ellerby, Ph.D., best-selling Hay House Author, Former Spiritual Program Director, Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and founding CEO for Tao Center for Inspired Living, Mexico.

“I hold in esteem the refined qualities of character in a person over their certificates and personal claims. Mark Naseck is a modest and humble man; a vehicle ready to be of service.”
~ Rabbi Michael Shapiro, Scottsdale Torah Institute, Phoenix, Arizona

“Mordechai David, the ability to profoundly impact a life or ease another person’s pain is truly a gift and you are to be commended for sharing your knowledge and skill in such a meaningful way. Establishing genuine warmth and rapport with our guests has an undeniable effect on positive, physical outcomes and I thank you for making that connection.”
~ Mel Zuckerman, Founder, Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Tucson, Arizona

“The entire call was really one profoundly moving, soul-healing meditation … ”
~ Shifra Hendrie, Gate of Unity, Host of Quantum Healing Consciousness and Soul Tele-Seminar

“I love learning from Mordechai David Naseck. His method of teaching has allowed me to push and challenge myself in a loving and accepting way. When I leave class I feel something wonderful has happened.”
~ Holly Sacks Loews Ventana Canyon Resort Spa Member, Tucson, Arizona

“Mordechai David Naseck’s reality-based approach to a discipline usually cloaked in mysticism, was not only engaging and welcoming, but also exciting, spirited and energizing. His professional skills, charm and dedication marked every class and every conversation.”
~ Harriette A. Weiss-Terbell Terbell Partners, Ltd., Connecticut

“I feel freer – there is more space between my molecules.”
~ Shauna Stern M.D. International Institute of Applied Physiology, Tucson, Arizona

21 Day Introduction to Meditation Course

Learn the benefits of having a Meditation Practice, as well as, the techniques and skills to add this ancient healing practice to your daily life.