"Mordechai David Naseck is one of those truly rare individuals who not only understands the nature of energy and spirit ~ he lives fully driven by that awareness. Not only does Mordechai David have a tremendous gift as a healer but he remains ever committed to deepening his knowledge, his talent, and his personal path of growth. Mordechai David can do more than teach you about 'thinking outside the box,' his incredible depth of experience and passion for his work will help you to create boundless vitality and meaning in a life outside the box. There is no question, Mordechai David's work can take you places you have never been before!"

~ Jonathan H. Ellerby, Ph.D., author of international best-sellers Return to the Sacred and Inspiration Deficit Disorder. Previously the Spiritual Program Director for the famed Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and the founding CEO for Tao Center for Inspired Living, Mexico.


"I hold in esteem the refined qualities of character in a person over their certificates and personal claims.  Mordechai David Naseck is a modest and humble man; a vehicle ready to be of service."

~ Rabbi Michael Shapiro, Scottsdale Torah Institute, Phoenix, Arizona


"Mordechai David has been one of the most influential people in my personal life as well as career. His knowledge and understanding of living food nutrition, yoga, meditation, and the power of energy is extraordinary. He is also gifted with a keen sense of intuition. What I find most impressive is his approach to life from a place of truth and love. I will forever be grateful for the lessons I've learned from Mordechai David and his presence in my life."

~ Kamala Nayeli, Manea Spa Director, Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Bora Bora, French Polynesia


"Mordechai David Naseck is a remarkable healer and guide, blessed with extraordinary intuitive insight and a wide open heart. His broad knowledge of healing modalities is the fruit of many years of personal practice and experience. For the past two years, Mordechai David has been studying some of the deepest traditions of esoteric Judaism and Kabbalah with me. It is rare to have such a highly developed, sensitive, and sincere student. May his pure intention be blessed from the Ever-Present Source."

~ Rabbi Miles Krassen, Founder, Rain Of Blessings Institute, Boulder, Colorado


"Mordechai David, the ability to profoundly impact a life or ease another person's pain is truly a gift and you are to be commended for sharing your knowledge and skill in such a meaningful way. Establishing genuine warmth and rapport with our guests has an undeniable effect on positive, physical outcomes and I thank you for making that connection."

~ Mel Zuckerman, Founder, Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Tucson, Arizona


"I have been on a path of enlightenment for nearly 20 years and my Shamanic Journey session with Mordechai David was one of the most powerful experiences on my journey so far. Mordechia David was able to take me to a place where I could release painful memories and heal on a very deep level. I felt my spirit truly soar for the first time after our session together. Mordechia David has gifts to share that words cannot describe."

~ Scott Bull, Regional Sales Manager, Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Tucson, Arizona


"This is Allan whom you met at Miraval Life In Balance. Just wanted to say your visit had a big effect on me. For someone who is interested in but skeptical of the mystical side of life, this was a provoking experience for me. I hope to do a bit more research and perhaps start to include some of the more mystical, energy-related topics in our tours."

~ Allan Wright, Zephyr Adventures, Red Lodge, Montana


"While working at Miraval Resort I attended a yoga workshop of Mordechai David's and was pleasantly surprised. Having participated in many yoga classes, under the guidance of different instructors, my experience with Mordechai David was hands-down my favorite and most memorable. He guided the class through an amazing session ... one in which I felt exhilarated and complete when we were finished. I highly recommend Mordechai David..."

~ Nina Knight, Guest Service Agent, Miraval Life in Balance Resort, Tucson, Arizona


"We just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed having you onboard the QM2 and how much we appreciate your efforts in ensuring that the high quality and standard of Cunard Entertainment is maintained for our guests. It has been a pleasure to work with you."

~ David Bradshawe, Cunard Cruise Line, Assistant Cruise Director, Queen Mary 2


"I have personally experienced Mordechai's talents and gifts. He has much to offer his students and clients."

~ Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Founder, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Patagonia, Arizona


"Mordechai David is a gifted healer and I was most impressed by the quality of his work."

~ Robert S. Ivker D.O., Former President, American Holistic Medical Association, Best Selling Author, Sinus Survival, Littleton, Colorado


"Whether he was photographing me, massaging me, or serving me my meals, Mordechai David's commitment to service in a joyful manner was evident. He truly interacts with people from a place of the heart."

~ Yogi Amrit Desai, Founder, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox, Massachusetts


"Mordechai David''s unassuming, professional presentation, plus his knowledge of and skill with living foods, assure a positive experience. Both new-comers to living foods, and those who have been following this way have much to learn from Mordechai David. We appreciated his visit and what we gained during his stay."

~ Jinna Sexton, Executive Assistant, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, New York


"The entire call was really one profoundly moving, soul-healing meditation ... but for the last half hour Mordechai David led us through a very powerful healing session which is still opening and shifting things for me, and for many who were on the live call."

~ Shifra Hendrie, Host, Quantum Healing Consciousness and Soul Tele-Seminar


"I love learning yoga from Mordechai David. His method of teaching has allowed me to push and challenge myself in a loving and accepting way. When I leave class I feel something wonderful has happened."

~ Holly Sacks, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort Spa Member, Tucson, Arizona


"Mordechai David's reality-based approach to a discipline usually cloaked in mysticism, was not only engaging and welcoming, but also exciting, spirited and energizing. His professional skills, charm and dedication marked every class and every conversation."

~ Harriette A. Weiss-Terbell, Terbell Partners, Ltd., Connecticut


"I feel freer - there is more space between my molecules."

~ Shauna Stern M.D., International Institute of Applied Physiology, Tucson, Arizona


"Mordechai David's unique style of teaching provided a format that guests wanted to learn more about. Guests were booking more private lessons with Mordechai David than with any of the other instructors in our department. I have also taken several of Mordechai David's classes and agree that he is a gifted teacher with many talents to share with others."

~ Jane Roberts M.S., Former Director of Fitness, Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Tucson, Arizona


"I would like to thank you for introducing this mysterious spirituality to my life. I look forward to going back to the ranch. I'll make sure I let them know you are the reason why I'm going back."

~ Jim Burns, Canyon Ranch Guest, Boston, Massachusetts


"I have just finished experiencing the meditation by tonight's speaker and probably cannot find any words to describe the experience that would come close to giving it justice.  'Thank you' is probably the best... to you for facilitating these wonderful opportunities for us and to Mordechai David for sharing the culmination of his learning, consciousness and gifts.  I have meditated for years and experienced many led meditations.  This one by far though took me to levels beyond compare."

~ Anonymous Participant, Quantum Healing Consciousness and Soul Tele-Seminar Intensive


"I had my baby boy - and I had him at home in the water!! Thank you for giving me all the info back then about water birth. It inspired me!! The birth was beautiful!!"

~ Julia Lauletta, Owner, Herbal Express, Phoenix, Arizona


"I have worked both on a professional and personal level with Mordechai David Naseck over the last few years at Canyon Ranch and have found him to be professional and competent in his work. Using sound, imagery and energy, he has facilitated the healing process for me personally, and for clients/guests while creating a safe space. There have been occasions in which guests have experienced Healing Touch with me and worked with Mordechai David in private sessions during their stays, creating a comprehensive approach. Mordechai David has a variety of skills and talents to pull from as well, with his background in yoga, chi gong and meditation, allowing him to be versatile in his individualized sessions. A spiritual focus is important in Mordechai David's life and is apparent in his work."

~ Sue Kagel RN, BN, CHTP, HNC Certified Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor, Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Tucson, Arizona


"You are a gifted healer and I want very much to be in your magic circle once again. It was/is a life changing experience. Please, let us stay in touch."

~ Lois Rosenthal, Canyon Ranch Guest, Co-Founder, Uptown Arts, Cincinnati, Ohio


"I have had the privilege of working with Mordechai David in Chi Gong classes, Yoga workshops, and personal healing work. He is clearly a gifted healer and teacher. His energy work is most impressive, and effective."

~ Earl A. Surwit Medical Director, Sunstone Healing Center for Cancer Patients Director Gynecologic Oncology, Arizona Oncology Associates Clinical Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Arizona


"Mr. Naseck kindly shared his techniques with the most remarkable healing I have ever experienced. My response to his treatment was encompassed with complete surrender. Mordechai David provided the safest and most loving energy I have known. Throughout the session I was able to release deeply suppressed sadness and a re-birth of inner joy and strength was manifested. This was validated by my physician. I received the first "good" test results (biopsies) ever. We are very fortunate to know Mr. Naseck's undying devotion and commitment."

~ Jordana Sivester, Owner, The Sanctuary Salon, Tucson, Arizona


"I want to personally thank you for all the miraculous work you did to keep me functioning effectively while I was directing The Raven. Your exquisite preparation of living foods kept me alive during the shoot. Not only were the foods beautifully and lovingly prepared, but because of their living nature, I was deeply nourished in body, mind, and spirit. Your energy work is also state of the art. You were able to help me move energy when I was stuck, or tight, or tense. You are a master body/energy worker. Keep up the great work. You made a huge difference in my life."

~ Lawrence Lanoff, Director, LGL Productions, Inc., Los Angeles, California


"In the past I imagined a Shaman as someone attracted to and lost in the world of illusions, half crazed, with eyes locked in a glossy unending stare. Mordechai David is a refreshing alternative to this old image. He is a bright spirit, a fearless guide traveling the distance beyond illusions. With the appealing sound of chimes and the hum of his crystal bowl Mordechai David directs himself to the original source. Before meeting Mordechai David I had been pushing myself into a work ethic that was both aggressive and damaging to my health. Mordechai David's solid faith gave me the courage to approach life in a more positive manner, to allow my heart to lead, instead of my mind. During this process of healing I discovered once I recognized my true self it placed me on a path where living began to happen with ease. Mordechai David has been an inspiration to my sometimes sleepy soul. You may find, as I have, that Mordechai David's gentle teaching will illuminate your own divinity."

~ Kimberly Cisneros, Artist, Tucson, Arizona


"Initially coming to Kripalu to serve as a personal chef to the center's Director, Yogi Amrit Desai, Mordechai David lead workshops on living foods to the residents as well as guest of the center. His work was so well received that over the course of Mordechai David's stay at the Center, he has played a leading role in bringing live foods into our kitchen which serves between 500 to 650 people every meal. Mordechai David is highly motivated as a servant and dedicated researcher in the field of diet and the healing arts. He's got a high degree of commitment to integrity in human relationships. Another prime asset is a high level of energy. Mordechai David is very committed to his values and has a keen intuition."

~ Richard I. Michaels (Vivekanand), Senior Teacher, Member of the Board of Directors, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox, Massachusetts


"My session with Mordechai David was an experience of body/mind and soul/spirit awakening and integration. This was an extraordinary opportunity in which I experienced physical and emotional release and an altered state of being. As if suspended in time or transported beyond time, I felt a connection with antiquity, a resonance in my bones reaching back centuries, as well as communication with the cosmos. Sound, touch, aromatherapy, crystals and energy work combined by Mordechai David in an intuitive, spontaneous, loving, supportive application and environment set the stage for this wondrous work. Thank you Mordechai David for sharing your gift and talent with me."

~ Sudhira Owner, Sonoita Wellness Center, Sonoita, Arizona


"Mordechai David's energy work is an experience of healing and balancing on many levels. He can sense areas that need attention and knows intuitively what to do to restore balance. It is a rejuvenating experience of higher consciousness and not to be missed!"

~ Mary Rydman, Author, Raw Food Quick & Easy, The Complete Book of Raw Food, Second Edition, Ashland, Oregon


"As I left the room in a state of bliss after receiving a NamassageTM session- my visiting friend took one look at my light filled glowing being and said 'I want whatever she just had.'"

~ Meryl Beck, Author, Stop Eating Your Heart Out, Director, Empowerment Training Center, Tucson, Arizona


"After my first session with Mordechai David ... I realized I was looking into the eyes of an angel, that in itself was amazing but the real miracle was Mordechai David's ability to communicate that he was simply mirroring back to me, my true self."

~ Fran Schaul, Retired Partner, Major Law Firm, Cleveland, Ohio


"Mordechai David Naseck has created a space for the child to discover an inspiring collective of sounds, meditation, and yoga. His gentle teaching has encouraged my daughter's ability to learn and has guided her to a place of inner silence. Mordechai David projects an impressive quality of love that is infectious. The class is united in an invisible string of heart and thanks. To my delight my five-year-old daughter prefers Saturday yoga more than going to the movies or wandering the mall. We are fortunate to have found a teacher who truly believes in the Childs’ awakening."

~ Kimberly Cisneros, Mother and Artist


"Usually when I receive bodywork I just leave. With your NamassageTM I stayed ~ I didn't want to miss any sensations. It was totally alive."

~ Anna Lambert, Tucson, Arizona


"That was the most sun-filled like ... atomic healing I've ever had."

~ Jan Henrikson, Free-lance Writer, Tucson, Arizona


"Meditation with Mordechai David felt like a $300 massage!!"

~ Anonymous, Canyon Ranch Guest


"The most profound gift you have as a healer is to hold a sacred space."

~ Ann Marie Keating Ph.D., Toronto, Canada


" I would recommend Mordechai David Naseck and his food preparation to anyone interested in eating and learning about living foods, and we here in Telluride, anxiously await next years "Steps to Awareness Festival" and the return of Mordechai David's Magnificent Meal! ...organic, healthy, delicious, magnificently beautiful, the entire presentation positively breath taking."

~ Sunny Griffin, Director, Steps to Awareness Festival, Telluride, Colorado


"During the last 40 years of my life, my time has been consumed with acquiring an education, raising a family, and running a good business. I knew something was missing. What the outside world saw as easy success in all my endeavors was the result of hard, intense trying on my part, for little came easily. Always I was searching for that greater meaning, for wisdom, for joy. I read and pondered various religions and the works of many spiritual leaders. I participated in workshops, meeting outstanding individuals with awesome credentials as well as healers of great repute. I achieved only an intellectual understanding. It was not until I met Mordechai David Naseck that I made that breakthrough. From the first moment I walked into one of his classes at Canyon Ranch I knew this man was different from all the others I had met. His humor was subtle and infectious; he refers to his array of crystals, gongs, tuning forks, boom box, etc. as his "toys". When the crystal gong reverberated near my heart, a shell seemed to fall away and joy peeped through. Later, in private consultation with Mordechai David, he guided me through a Kundalini experience from which I emerged full of laughter, joy, and gratitude. Since that time these precious moments will arrive unpredictably and spontaneously. It is as though a veil has been lifted from my eyes. Life is easier, my business has prospered, I am stronger, and I can reach out to others. Mordechai David now has a new service, Shamanic Journey, which I recommend to all. He posses that rare ability to heal not only the soul, the mind, but the physical body as well. As a person, he exhibits great caring, clear vision, and a respect for all."

~ Kay Ellwein, Real Estate Broker, Lake Forest, Illinois


"Everything has an aura now."

~ Nancy Veltman, Pianist, Entrepreneur, Healer, Grayton Beach, Florida


"You are a beautiful being with an amazing electromagnetic force surrounding you. When I look at you, and see the sunshine exuding from every part of you, especially your eyes, I can only smile. You are so alive it's contagious."

~ Sharon Shapiro, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sedona, Arizona


"On behalf of our organization Institiute Balvntray Mehta Nature Cure Health Home, I am very thankful to you as you delivered a public lecture on the role of raw diet in our daily life. I am glad to congratulate you as you have good command over the subject. The lecture was worthwhile and will benefit all who listened."

~ Dr. Sukhbirsingh, Naturopath in Charge, Balvntray Mehta Nature Cure Health Home, Baroda, India


"Mordechai David's creativity makes him a prime candidate for any successful organization. Most importantly, Mordechai David is a team player."

~ Michael J. Pasquarella, President and CEO, Keene Elliot, Inc., Nashua, New Hampshire


"I don't know what he does, what he says about it or what others say about it, but I do know that he knows his own agony, rage, despair, ferocity. He can be with it unapologetically, without fear. And I trust that he can be with mine. And help me move it."

~ Cynthia Howe, Teacher, Reiki Master, Tucson, Arizona


"I experienced Mordechai David's Shamanic Healing during my L.E.C. week. It was a key factor in my process, quite enlightening, opened my heart on many levels that I hadn't recognized as "shut down". Through sound, energy, and guided imagery, Mordechai David guided me through my inner landscapes and helped me to make some really necessary and uplifting changes. I send my guests to him regularly for spiritual "ah-ha" openings. And every time, (I can count on it) they come back to thank me for guiding them to him."

~ Tamara Hernandez, Personal Program Guide, Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Tucson, Arizona


"I have to say that there are many times that I think of you or talk about you with my Mom. I cannot believe that it was over 10 years ago that I met you at Canyon Ranch. Obviously meeting you has left a lasting impression on me. I am so happy to see the success that you have had in sharing your talents with others."

~ Kim Healy, Chicago, Illinois


"Thank you so much for giving a Kabbalistic Journey at the Go North Shabbaton Retreat. The Olim enjoyed the experience. We look forward to sharing additional opportunities."

~ Michele Kaplan-Green, Director, Go North Program, Nefesh B'Nefesh, Jerusalem, Israel


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 7 months ago. Since then, I had surgery and chemotherapy. After the last chemotherapy session, I started getting heart palpitations that made me tired and breathless. I went through some tests that didn't come up with a medical reason for my heart palpitations. The cardiologist gave me tablets and there wasn't much more he could do for me. Unfortunately, the medicine didn't help, it just lowered my blood pressure and made me more tired. After listening to your Kabbalistic Healing Meditation, I found that my heart palpitations have gone! I am so happy!! I have repeated listening to this session a few times since and so far my palpitations have stopped. I found this healing session to be very powerful. I get very emotional when I listen to you... thank you, thank you."

~ Margalit Gold, Australia