Dwelling Place of The Divine

Holiness is two fold. It begins as service to God, but it ends as a benefit. At first it is effort, then a gift. In other words, if you strive to be holy, you are eventually endowed with holiness. The effort consists in separating and removing yourself from the material aspect of things and linking yourself with the divine. Even when dealing with your body and its needs, your soul should not stir from her union.

But it is impossible to attain this state on your own. After all you are physical ~ flesh and blood. So ultimately, holiness a gift. What you can do is strive to pursue pure knowledge. Be persistent in learning how to sanctify what you do. In the end the Blessed Holy One will guide you on the path it wishes and imparts holiness to you, so that you become holy. Then you will succeed, attaining union continuously. Even your bodily actions are transformed into holy deeds. You are walking in the presence of God while being right here in this world. You become a dwelling place of the divine.

The Essential Kabbalah, Living In The Material World, page 158, Daniel C. Matt